Some Frequently Asked Questions:

We encounter a lot of different questions in our day to day work here. When we asked our professional staff which were the most commonly encountered questions, these were their responses.

Of course, these are just a few questions and answers. So, if you aren't finding the question you have here, we'd simply LOVE to help you out. As the old saying goes... The only bad question is the one you do not ask. So, please ask away!

Is there a limit time-wise?

No! We can provide service to you whenever you need it: early morning, late night, and everywhere in between.

Are your limousines safe?

Our limousines are safe as can be, as they are maintained and inspected as well as insured. You'll have no worries when you're with us.

Can we smoke and drink?

There is to be no smoking in the vehicle, but you can surely drink on the vehicles.

Can we play our own music?

Of course. There are iPod/MP3/CD capable stereo systems, so you can create a personalized playlist for your night of fun.

Are we allowed to consume alcoholic beverage on board your vehicles?

Yes! However there are stipulations since we must adhere to the law. So, as long as everyone is above the legal drinking age, we have zero issues with anyone consuming adult beverages on board.