About us

You can trust Virginia Limousine to bring you the best in limousine and limo bus transportation. Our diverse fleet allows you to pick exactly what fits your needs and interests, so you'll always have a ride tailored to you! We've been servicing Virginia with our transportation for years, and since then we've become experts in the field. You can trust us to bring you a top notch vehicle and efficient transportation, no matter the event or group of people.

We can thank our drivers for our customers happiness! They provide the best transportation in Virginia with knowledge of the area and driving expertise. They're not just drivers, but they're professional chauffeurs with licensing, endorsements, and certifications. They carry a GPS unit to ensure you're always on time and where you need to be, and they're able to adhere to any journey you might have in mind!

Our drivers and our fleet our vehicles are surely reasons for the success of Virginia Limousine as a company. We have a varied fleet of both limousines and limo buses to fit all of your needs! You can't go wrong with any of our vehicles, as they're all fitted with up to date features to keep you entertained and comfortable. Best of all, they're the safest vehicles around with a certified mechanic tending to them on a daily basis. You can't get any better than that!